2019 Northern Star Council Eagle Scholarship Application

Ensure you complete all steps of the application process to be considered by the scholarship committee. Download the complete 2019 Eagle Scout Scholarship Information and Instructions.

Application Process

Part 1

  1. Complete the online portion of the application. This must be fully completed to the final page where you must click "Submit Form" (Failure to click Submit Form on the last page will prevent your application from reaching the committee). Submit Form must clicked no later than 11:59 PM January 15, 2019. This system will not be available after this time.

Part 2

  1. Mail copies of the following together (Postmarked no later than January 10, 2019 or delivered in person by January 15) to:

    Northern Star Council
    Eagle Scout Scholarship Committee
    6202 Bloomington Rd
    Fort Snelling, MN 55111

    1. Eligibility Statement (on page 2 of instructions)
    2. A copy of the applicants High School transcript
    3. One signed recommendation letter from a volunteer Scout leader or a professional Scouter who knows the applicant personally. (This is the only endorsement required. Counselors, etc., should not be included.)
    4. A separate sheet with answers to the following four questions (no more than 1 page for all 4 questions total)
      1. Being an Eagle Scout is important to me because...
      2. My Eagle Project described and why I selected it
      3. My most significant Scouting experience was...
      4. Ten years from now I expect to be an asset to my community because...

Please follow these requirements when submitting

  • Please paperclip the above materials in the order listed above
  • Submit all 4 parts at the same time.
  • No staples or fancy folders
  • No sealed envelopes for letters or transcripts. Open them.
  • No more than 1 letter
  • No other materials (Resumes, Photos, Eagle project workbooks)

Click next below to begin the online portion. Be sure to complete all the way to the last page where YOU MUST CLICK "Submit Form" The Submit Form button is final step.

('Save Progress' allows you to come back and continue working on the application, it does not submit to the committee. You must click the Submit Form button on the last page to submit.)

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If you need assistance with this form, email webmaster@northernstarbsa.org


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